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    Chris Stone is an award-winning creative film-maker specialising in features, short films, web series, music videos and actors' showreels.

    Chris has worked for the BBC, filmed music videos in LA, shot a Royal Television Society nominated documentary in New York and won several awards in Hollywood. His work has been screened on MTV, ITV and the BBC and premiered at the BFI Southbank and Pinewood Studios.

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    New to the business? Need a video to showcase your acting skills? Want to capture one of your performances on film?

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    Year of Spies

    Chris' latest project is 'Year of Spies', a thrilling espionage web series. Inspired by Chris' love of the spy genre, each exciting episode is themed around a month of the year.

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Year of Spies: February

Thriller Espionage Web Series
Secrets, lies and betrayal... A romantic meal for two turns to terror when a British agent's cover is blown.

For this mission, Chris decided to storyboard the whole script in detail. This was because we were very limited on the amount of time we had to shoot in locations and with our actors so everything had to be planned to the nth degree. Storyboarding helps immensely with keeping track of all of the characters and camera positions and reduces time taken to 'block' out action on shoot days. They also act as a shot list, so we know exactly where we're up to in time sensitive locations.

We were helped out on this episode by a great cast. Manchester based actors Gerard Rea and Nina Gilhooly were quickly cast for the roles of Julian and Volchitsa respectively.

We had a lot of actresses submit self tapes for the role of Marie and it was a difficult job to decide between them as everyone was so good! We cast Sian Hill as Marie Glass, as we felt she could play both the vulnerability and strength of the character.

February's episode was a great to work on. It was a fast paced shoot, but everything was so well organised that it wasn't rushed, just efficient and effective.

It was a great to challenge for myself as an actor as I had never done this style of film before, but it certainly got me in the mood to do more.

Chris and Steph were easy to work with as were the rest of the cast, there were so many laughs on this shoot!

--Sian Hill

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Photograph by Chris Stone.

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Photograph by Chris Stone.

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Photograph by Chris Stone.

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