• About Chris

    Chris Stone is an award-winning creative film-maker specialising in features, short films, web series, music videos and actors' showreels.

    Chris has worked for the BBC, filmed music videos in LA, shot a Royal Television Society nominated documentary in New York and won several awards in Hollywood. His work has been screened on MTV, ITV and the BBC and premiered at the BFI Southbank and Pinewood Studios.

  • Actors' Showreels

    New to the business? Need a video to showcase your acting skills? Want to capture one of your performances on film?

    Chris offers a professional showreel service for actors. Whether you need to edit your existing work together or film scenes from scratch, Chris is your man! He'll offer you direction and advice and make your showreel the best it can be.

    Check out Chris' extensive portfolio of actors' reels below.

  • Year of Spies
    Year of Spies

    Chris' latest project is 'Year of Spies', a thrilling espionage web series. Inspired by Chris' love of the spy genre, each exciting episode is themed around a month of the year.

    If you'd like to read more or get involved, visit the official website.

    Check it out!
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    If you have any questions or enquiries, please feel free to get in touch! Chris will get back to you as soon as he is able.

    Tel: +44 (0) 7545 265 951

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'It's An Ashton' Props and Costumes

Promotional Video

Chris recently completed a promo video for 'It's An Ashton', a prop and costume company based in Chesterfield run by the talented Richard Ashton. The company has produced, among other things, replica full size Daleks, Cybermen heads from 'Doctor Who', Gandalf's staff and Legolas' weapons from the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy and the laser rifle from the James Bond film 'Moonraker'. Their work is incredibly high quality and they strive to create screen accurate replicas.

Chris spent a day in Chesterfield filming at Richard's studio and another few hours shooting in a warehouse location to capture some of the larger costume pieces. Richard wanted a cinematic feel to the promo, as if it were a trailer for a big Hollywood movie.

"Working with Chris Stone was very professional and he created a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Everything was well planned and filming went without a hitch. I'm very pleased with the final videos and I'd recommend Chris to anyone."

--Richard Ashton, 'It's An Ashton'

Richard is incredibly happy with the outcome and a second, shorter cut of the video can be seen below. You can see more work from 'It's An Ashton' on facebook. If you would like a promotional video made for your business, please get in touch.